Watermelon Wrap


Luxurious soft wool, silk & cashmere shawl that can be worn as a scarf, wrap, poncho - in fact many ways - thanks to the clever mother of pearl button design.

First Option – A scarf, a shrug , a snood
Fold the sheet of cashmere in half so that it creates a tube. Button the buttons on each side. This will allow it to be worn as a bolero/shrug, a snood or quite simply a scarf. For the Bolero –  put arms into the sleeves just created. For the Snood – feed arms though the tube, then place over the head.

Second Option –  a cardigan, a poncho
Drape the sheet of cashmere over shoulders, this should have the appearance of a cardigan. Button the buttons, thus creating a cardigan. Move the buttons onto the shoulder or around the back creating a poncho/wrap. To accessorise perhaps put a belt around waist.